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AmpedUp! Networks offers a couple methods of purchase. If you need complete installation assistance, we recommend purchasing direct from AmpedUp! for the reasons below. Otherwise, Amazon is a great option for the do-it-yourself implementation.
Buy from AmpedUp! Networks
When you purchase from AmpedUp! Networks directly, we will provide the personal touch and added support. We will assist you with incentive programs in your area. We'll help answer any questions you have along the installation process and work with your electrician. We can also help supply additional components you may need such as a pedestal, cable management, 4G LTE cellular internet connectivity, signage and other options.
We'll also pre-configure your WiFi setup (if using our InetGateway Cellular WiFi AP device), and configure any power management features you may need so when you receive your charging station system, it's plug-n-play.

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Buy from Inteset Technologies
Purchase the Wallbox Pulsar Plus 40A EV charger with AmpedUp! Networks integration from Inteset Technologies, our on-line retail partner. Inteset Technologies offers personal US-based support and exceptional service.

PRICE: $649
Buy from Amazon
Purchase the Wallbox Pulsar Plus 40A EV charger with AmpedUp Networks integration from Amazon at the lowest price and quickest delivery. Receive support via our contact us page.

PRICE: $649
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