When is it Smart to Offer Level 2 EV Charging?
There are a couple important questions when considering level 2 EV charging at your property: is there a good vehicle turnover rate and is the driver dwell-time more than an hour? If the answer is “yes” to these questions, your location is a great candidate for level 2 charging. Using the Wallbox Pulsar Plus with AmpedUp! Networks software will lead to a faster return on investment due to the low upfront and ongoing costs, ease of installation, and low maintenance. This combination of EVSE hardware and software offers one of the most economical commercial solutions on the market today and can be purchased directly from AmpedUp! Networks and on retail websites including Amazon.

Pro-forma Analysis

The table above assumes the use of a Wallbox Pulsar Plus with AmpedUp! Software integration and that the property owner has joined the AmpedUp! “Share” subscription option.

The Wallbox Pulsar Plus with AmpedUp! integration can be obtained at nearly half the cost of other “networked” commercial charger solutions (those systems that allow owners to charge a fee for use.) So long as there is electrical service nearby and a strong WiFi connection at the charger, the total infrastructure costs, including labor, can be under $1,500 (charger price, electrical materials, electrician labor). As shown in the sample proforma table, the full return on the investment can occur in under a year’s time, all the while attracting EV drivers to your property. Adding a second charger can be even more profitable.

To gain more insight on potential ROI, select this link to adjust a live, 5 year pro-forma spreadsheet. Note that this spreadsheet will be occasionally reset.
Incentive Programs
The Federal government, many states, towns, and utilities have EV charger infrastructure incentive programs that can potentially pay for all installation and equipment costs. Be sure to check with these entities applicable to your area prior to purchasing or installing the charger equipment. For a list of EV charger infrastructure incentive programs, see the US Department of Energy - AFDC website.
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