This section will guide you through connecting your Walbox Pulsar Plus to the Internet and configuring it to work with the AmpedUp! Networks charging stations management system (CSMS). You’ll then learn how to subscribe to the desired AmpedUp! Networks plan (Share, Small Biz or Enterprise), and configure EV driver customer pricing and memberships.

NOTE: This setup will take up to 30 minutes.
Connect the Wallbox to the AmpedUp Networks CSMS

Getting the Wallbox connected to the AmpedUp! CSMS requires you to set up the unit on your local WiFi network. This step is performed via the Wallbox Apple or Android mobile app.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Once the Wallbox charger is connected to the AmpedUp! CSMS, you will no longer need the Wallbox app (the charger and app will be in a locked state). Most Wallbox features, including starting a charging session, can be accomplished through the AmpedUp! Networks EV Driver mobile app. Power management features of the Wallbox (ie: Power Sharing), if installed, can be configured via the Wallbox app as well.

WiFi Setup
Watch the short video below to learn how to connect your Wallbox Pulsar Plus to your WiFi network and to the AmpedUp! Networks charger management system. Then, follow the steps below.
Follow the steps below to connect the Wallbox to the Internet via WiFi.

NOTE: It is very important that the WiFi signal is strong near the charger. The device will not operate properly if it does not have a solid connection to the Internet. If the Internet is unavailable, the charger will not function and you or your customers will not be able to start a charging session.
On your mobile device, search and download the Wallbox app from the applicable app store (Apple or Android).
To create a Wallbox account and assign the charger to it, enter your email address, then enter the charger's AmpedUp! Charger ID (found on the front of the unit) in the form below. When complete, press Submit.
Thank you! Your submission has been received!
Oops! Something went wrong while submitting the form.
Once submitted, you will receive an account setup invitation email allowing you to set up the new Wallbox account.

Press the Accept Invitation button in the email.

NOTE: It may take up to 24 hours to receive your invitation.
Once the Accept Invitation button in the email is pressed, the Wallbox account setup screen will open in the Wallbox app (choose to open Wallbox app instead of a browser if given the option).

Notice that your email is pre-populated and not editable in the form.

Enter the remaining information in the form and then press the Register button.
Notice that your charger is already added to your account. From the Home screen, select the newly added charger.
On the top right corner of the charger screen, select the Configuration icon (gear symbol).
Under the Configuration screen, choose the Connectivity option, then select WiFi.
The app will scan nearby WiFi networks and display their SSIDs. Choose the desired network, then enter the requested WiFi credentials.

It is recommended to set up the WiFi connection with a static IP address. You can press on the info icon as shown in the image on the right to enter detailed IP information. Also, be sure to include DNS information (ie:, 44.2.2) for a more reliable connection. To reduce interference, it is also recommended to use a WiFi channel other than the default (11) in your router's access point settings (ie: channel 1, or 6).
Once connected, back out to the Home screen. Ensure the charger is connected to the Internet by checking the WiFi symbol displayed on the Home screen. If it is not connected, be sure you entered the proper credentials in the WiFi setup screen.
OCPP Setup
Prior to setting up the Open Charge Point Protocol (OCPP) settings, from the Charger screen, it is recommended that you set the maximum allowed amperage. This setting should be 80% of the rated amperage of the circuit breaker on which the charger is wired (ie: 40amp max on a 50amp breaker). Follow the steps below to connect the Wallbox charger to the AmpedUp! Networks OCPP CSMS.
From the Configuration screen, choose OCPP.
Enter the following information into the URL field (without the quotes): “wss://”, then enter the Charger ID number (ie: "AMP00???") displayed on the AmpedUp! decal on the front of the charger.

A password is not needed.
Select the Terms check box, then select the Enable toggle on the top right corner of the OCPP screen, then press the Save button. The charger will return the Charger screen while it attempts to connect the CSMS. This may take a few minutes.
Notice the OCPP Connecting status. You should observe the yellow Connecting status change to a dark blue Connected status. If it does not change to Connected within a few minutes, check the OCPP settings to ensure they were entered properly.
Set Up Your AmpedUp! CSO Account

To add your Wallbox charger to your AmpedUp! Networks CSO (Charging Station Operator) account as well as set up charging session pricing and memberships for your customers, you'll need to download the AmpedUp! CSO mobile app from the Apple or Android store.

Follow the steps below to subscribe to the plan of your choice, then set up pricing and memberships.

NOTE: Prior to signing up to an AmpedUp! Subscription Plan (Share, Small Biz, Enterprise), please see the plan comparison chart.

Click here for instructions on how to set up a new AmpedUp! CSO account.
Click here for instructions on how to add your new Wallbox charger to the CSO account.
Click here for instructions on how to Subscribe to the desired AmpedUp! CSO plan.
Click here for instructions on how to set a pricing schedule and apply it to a charger.
Click here to learn how to set up a membership for discounted or free charging.
Click here to learn how to create an AmpedUp! EV Driver account and start a charging session.
Click here to learn how to join a membership as an EV driver.
About the AmpedUp! Decal

The decal on the front of the charger is critical to a good EV driver user experience. It has been designed to ensure a quick and successful charge for first-time and perpetual drivers. Below discusses the various elements of the decal.

App Download Help: In order to authenticate with the AmpedUp! Networks backend and start a charging session, the driver needs to first download and install the AmpedUp! EV Driver mobile app from the Apple or Google Play app store. Steps 1 and 2 provide brief instructions for that process.
Charger ID and QR Code: This is the ID that the driver will use to identify the charging station they want to use. In the AmpedUp! EV Driver mobile app, they can choose to enter the charger ID or scan the QR code to quickly locate the charger and start a charging session.
First Time Use Help QR Code: If the driver needs full instructions on downloading the EV Driver app and all the setup steps, they can scan the Help QR code.
Support Number: The driver has the option to call the EV driver support number if they are having any type of trouble starting a charging session.
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